How to set up a Bedrock Dedicated Server on Windows 10

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    So in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to set up a Dedicated Bedrock Server for you and your friends to play. It is basically a faster, and free version of Realms.

    First off, download the BDS (Dedicated bedrock server) Software off of the official Minecraft site. This is the link.

    Using a .zip extractor of your choice (Windows’ built-in one is fine), extract the files into a folder on your desktop or somewhere you will remember.

    In the folder that you put the .ZIP folder contents into, you should find 4 folders and 7 files. But right now, just run the bedrock_server.exe (you may want to enable file extensions in the View settings in File Explorer.).
    Allow any firewall warning to pop up, and press yes/allow. (The bedrock_server.exe is broadcasting to LAN, so your antivirus wants to make sure you are aware of this).
    After the Server says, “[INFO] server started” type in Stop

    You will now see that a few more folders have generated. The “worlds” folder will contain the world that your server runs.
    In your Server’s folder, there is a file called This files contains all all of the settings for your server. You may change them how I like, but some will affect performance on the Server end AND the client screen. (For example, tick distance, and especially view distance).

    That is how you set up the server, but you will probably want to add tour own world, so here are the steps for that:
    you should notice the worlds
    folder; this folder contains the world. You can download a world online or export one from Minecraft and put the contents in Bedrock Level (you can change this world folder name, but you have to change to the SAME name in If you would like to add resource and/or behavior packs to the server, add them to a world in Minecraft, then export them to the server folder as a world. Also copy them to the addons folders in the server folder.

    And that is how you set up a bedrock server for you and your friends to play. PLEASE TAKE NOTE that you can not play outside your WiFi unless you add a port forwarding rule to your router’s firewall settings for your PC.

    ALSO, if you want, you can buy a URL and point it to your server’s IP so that you don’t have to give people your IP.

    if you have any questions PLEASE REPLY OR SEND A CHAT TO ME :gggrealms: !!!

    [center]Other info[/center]


    Server Settings
    I will include a list of server settings here that I will continue to edit:
    Server-Name: the name that appears in Minecraft for your server.
    gamemode: The default MC Gamemode.
    Difficulty: Default MC World Difficulty
    Allow-cheats Same as turning on cheats in world settings for a regular world.
    max-players Maximum players allowed to connect.
    online-mode: forces people to log in with Microsoft in their Minecraft client in order to join. People always need to sign in with MS to join servers, so this only applies to LAN players (On your WiFi)

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