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RM SMP Server

A Group for the Member's of the RM SMP Anarchy Minecraft Server.

  • How to make country borders
    1. type the command /dmarker clearcorners
    2. Type the command /dmarker addcorner to add corners to the country shape, making the full outline polygon
    3. type the command /dmarker addarea id:CountryName label:"Country Name" weight:3 fillopacity:0 set:Countries
    • id:CountryName should not have any spaces.
    • label:“Country Name” may have spaces, but all spaces need to be inside the “quotation marks”
    • Change the set to the Country’s name without quotes if making a state.
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  • Citizens Bill of Rights

    All citizens in Dastralia have rights, and the government’s duty is to protect these rights.

    All rights are defined below.

    Amendment I - Freedom:

    • IA - Mind:
      • IA1 - Citizens have the right to think and belief whatever they wish to.
      • IA2 - ALL Citizens are entitled to their own private opinion, and cannot be punished because of it.
    • IB - Speech:
      • IB1 - All Citizens are permitted to say, upload, and text their opinion.
        • IB1a - No citizen may spread fake news/rumors/gossip for the purpose of or intending harm on another person or the government or organization.


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  • Law 12:War

    If Lancovia Is At War With A Country You Must Not Trade With Said Country. If This Is Found You Will Be Exiled. You Also Cannot Visit The Country if at war. Also If A Country Does Something Out Of Their Range of Laws Then Lancovia Would Be Able To Go To War.

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  • RE: pee pee poo poo


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  • How to exchange money

    You can change bills into other bills with the ATMs at the Capitol, or by going to shops 49, 50, 51, and 52.

    /shop view 49

    You can then click Shops List on the top right corner to switch to another one.

    You can exchange Dastralian Dollars (DD-DFR) with Republic of Carthage Dollars (RC DOLLARS) and Lancovian Dollars (LA) and vice versa at the Tri-Border Trade center (Near the northernmost point of Lancovia.):

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  • Law 5 of Book 1: Currency

    The basic currency of Carthage will be the RC dollar. Anybody who will try to or has successfully counterfeit will be sent to court on charges of purposeful inflation of the RC dollar.

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  • Law 4 of Book 1: Property Management

    To whom ever buys a property, have the right to own and keep that property under the state’s eye. To whoever trespasses said property without permission, will be removed from the property and be sent to court for illegal trespass. There are some small restrictions to what you can do to your property, such as; no complete destruction of property unless approved by the state, no illegal acts being done on or to the property, and no inappropriate or out of place things being put on the property.

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  • Law 3 of Book 1: Civil rights

    Every single person in this country, no matter the color of their skin or their ancestry, poor or rich, are all equal in their rights and have equal competition in everything. People also have the right to have Freedom of press, Freedom of assembly, Freedom of thought and speech, Freedom of petition and voting, and the right to own tools and armour.

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  • Law 2 of Book 1: International Affairs

    Each country has it’s own borders. You are not allowed to cross these borders only if you are at war with said country, or agreements in which people will not cross the border. Other international affairs will be dealt privately by administrators of Carthage.

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  • Law 1 of Book 1: Welfare and trade

    Welfare will be based on the system of capitalism in which labourers must be paid minimum wage or above and have rights on if to work or to not work. Trade between civilians such as shops, taverns, etc, must be a system of pay to earn or else that trade will be shut down by officials of the state. International trade will be confidential to the leaders themselves.

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